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Innovative Mequon Wood Floor Refinishing

Restore The Look of Your Wood Floors

hardwood floor refinishing mequon wi

Are you ready to transform the hardwood floors in your home? You’ve come to the right place! We can help people turn their old, faded hardwood floors into beautiful masterpieces. Fabulous Floors Milwaukee is proud to offer hardwood floor refinishing in Mequon, WI and always try to go above and beyond with all of our customers. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials page and see what people are saying about our services.

We know that your money and time are valuable. Our process is typically completed in just one or two days, and our prices are affordable. Instead of replacing all your hardwood floors, let us refinish them!

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

The process we use here at Fabulous Floors Milwaukee is sure to give you the results you want. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to deliver amazing results that you’ll love. We’ve explained our process below:

Removing the Carpet – If the carpet is present, we make sure to remove the bonded carpet pads and use a chemical solvent to speed up the process.
Sanding – We sand your hardwood floors to remove any dents or scratches, as well as to remove any existing finish. We know that you might think this process creates a lot of dust, but not with Fabulous Floors Milwaukee. We’ll clean up any dust that is produced.
Staining – We have a large variety of stains colors for you to choose from. After you have picked the color that is just right for you and matches your decor, we evenly apply it to your hardwood floors.
Finishing – We want your hardwood floors to look great for a long time.  After the stain has dried, we apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane to protect and seal your floors from the everyday activities that happen to them.

Fabulous Floors Milwaukee is Green

We love and care about Mequon just as much as you do, so that’s why we’ve designed our process to be safe for homes and for the environment. Our process is Greengaurd Certified, which means it meets very strict health and environmental standards. We promise that you’ll love the way your hardwood floors look once we’re done.


Contact Fabulous Floors Milwaukee today for a free estimate on our hardwood floor refinishing services in Mequon, WI, and the surrounding areas!

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