Hardwood Floor Refinishing Menomonee Falls, WI

Have you been frustrated searching “Hardwood Floor Refinishing Menomonee Falls WI”? With so many overwhelming options, which one is the best? We believe we have everything it takes to bring back the shine your wood floors once had! We offer professional hardwood floor refinishing and resurfacing in Menomonee Falls. Learn how our service works below!

Perfect The Look of Your Wood Floors

hardwood floor refinishing menomonee falls wiIf you’re looking for the perfect hardwood floor refinishing service for your Menomonee Falls, WI home, consider Fabulous Floors Milwaukee! Our wood floor refinishing service is designed to be specially catered to your home and your hardwood floors. Our specially trained hardwood floor technicians are eager to show you their chops. Call us today or visit our Price Estimate page to see just how affordable our prices are and to book your visit!

Expert Wood Floor Refinishing

First, we evaluate the floors in your Menomonee Falls home by removing the carpet and rugs and doing a thorough inspection. Second, we’ll use our gentle, yet powerful sanding equipment to sand the floors in your home so they’re ready to be treated with a stain. Next, we apply your chosen stain color to the floors. We encourage you to get creative with our large color variety; if you aren’t interested in matching the stain color to the old look, try something different! Lastly, we’ll apply a coat of our polyurethane treatment to both locks in the color, giving your floors that extra gleam, as well as to provide some protection in the future against any mishaps that might cause dings or scratches on your hardwood floors.

Fabulous Floors Milwaukee is GREEN!

Did you know that all of our products and services are completely safe and non-toxic? Our floor renewal services are totally safe for both you and the Menomonee Falls environment. We’ve invested a lot of time and resources to ensure that our wood floor refinishing service is safe. You can have peace of mind when we are in your home. Just another reason you should trust us for your next flooring process!

hardwood floor refinishing menomonee falls wi

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